What is a Doula

doula is a support person. Coined in the 1970s, the idea of a doula has existed as long as women have been giving birth. Today, a doula serves parents by providing physical, emotional, and informational support. A doula can work through a variety of stages related to pregnancy and birth. They may help parents cope with infertility issues and provide information about options available to them. Some doulas focus on childbirth and infant care education courses. Others specialize in fitness during pregnancy. Doulas are most widely known for their physical and emotional support of laboring parents. They also assist in the weeks following the baby’s arrival as parents adjust to a new little one in the home.

So, what sort of doula am I?

The details of any doula-client relationship vary as families have different needs and desires. In my services, I provide childbirth and infant care education courses, labor & delivery support, and post-natal assistance. Be sure to check out my services page for more detail and contact me with any questions.