Currently accepting clients for in-person and remote services.

What I Offer:

  • pre-natal childbirth and childcare education classes,
  • labor and delivery support,
  • and postpartum care for mom and baby.

Below you will find more information about what I offer and the cost. I understand that everyone’s situation is different. Please send me a message to discuss payment plans or a sliding scale cost.

If you are looking for a LABOR & DELIVERY DOULA, please send me a message with:

  • your due date
  • where you are planning to birth
  • what number birth this is for you
  • what other support person you’d like there (spouse, significant other, parent, siblings, friend, etc.)
  • any special concerns/requests

My price for labor and delivery is $750. This includes 3 prenatal appointments in addition to labor and delivery. The first is short to meet and make sure we’d be a good fit for each other. This is a good time to ask about the role of a doula. The second appointment is to review your ideas for a birth plan or help create one. The third appointment is to clarify any changes to the birth plan and to prepare for postpartum life with a newborn. I include one visit postpartum and this can be your choice of in the hospital or once you’ve returned home but within the first week. 

If you are looking for a POSTPARTUM DOULA, please reply with:

  • your due date
  • where you are located
  • if you have other children
  • what other support people you will have around (like, your mother for __ weeks)
  • any special concerns/requests.

My price for postpartum support is hourly at $35/hr. I am able to help you as you navigate newborn care where things that seemed simple, like clipping fingernails, can be nerve-wracking when it’s your tiny baby. I also perform simple chores like laundry, basic cleaning, and cooking. If you have older children, I can spend time with them to give you time with the newborn or care for the newborn so you can get some rest or spend time with the older children. It’s a flexible plan to help you feel at your best as a parent.