About Me

Hello! My name is Ruth and I offer doula services in Anne Arundel County and the greater Baltimore area. If you aren’t sure what a doula is, check out this post for more information.

You may wonder what led me to work as a doula. Well, birth has intrigued me since I was a teenager and that interest grew with my personal experiences in giving birth and raising my kids. My mom likes to tease me about when I was in high school. I went through a period of asking questions about birth just in case I should need to have a baby in the middle of a forest in Russia. I did end up giving birth to my daughter in Russia – in a hospital – where I had lived for about 8 years. I later had my son in the USA, but I didn’t consider being a doula until 2016 when I first learned of what a doula is and does. Now here I am!