COVID-19 Updates

Many researchers and scientists are on the job as the world works hard to combat COVID-19. This means they learn new information every day about the virus.

Here are two reputable sources:
1) American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

2) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Some main ideas are that:
– there is still much unknown about the virus and how it affects pregnancy and infants,
– pregnant women and infants are considered high-risk,
– a COVID-19 positive mother does not necessarily mean a COVID-19 infant,
– the danger during breastfeeding is from respiratory droplets,
– the virus has not been found in breast milk (although is under study).

COVID-19 and Breastfeeding
ACOG cites CDC precautions when breastfeeding such as wearing a face mask while caring for your baby, washing hands often, washing breast pumps before and after, and having a non-infected person feed your baby the expressed milk. These apply for COVID-19 positive parents as well as those who are being tested for COVID-19 (PUI = Person Under Investigation).

ACOG recommends a temporary separation of mother and baby until precautions are no longer required. This is vague and seems to be at the discretion of hospitals to decide their policy and reasoning. Therefore, ask your OBGYN about your hospital’s policy if you plan on giving birth in the hospital setting in the next few months. Also ask about your partner’s parental rights to the infant if your hospital does separate mother and infant for COVID-19 concerns.

Maryland Midwife Care
If you are interested in a home birth and have a low-risk pregnancy, local midwives are prepared to serve you and your family.

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