You might be feeling anxious. Pause for a moment. Take a deep calming breath. While we know there is uncertainty around us, we are okay in this moment.

COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus, is a current pandemic that seems to be most threatening to those with underlying health conditions. As with the flu and other viruses, pregnancy woman are more susceptible. Continue practicing good hygiene by washing hands and high-touch objects like light switches and door knobs. Avoid those who are sick when you are able.

There is still little evidence about COVID-19 and pregnancy or postpartum results since it is still so new. However, similar viruses have existed and we can apply some of that knowledge in our current situation. The CDC has a to-the-point FAQs page about pregnancy and COVID-19. In short, the virus does not seem to pass to newborns in utero, during birth, or afterwards through breastfeeding.

So, breath easily and take care of yourself.

Love, Mamulya Doula.

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